Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nelson Bay

Today after Rugby we decided that as we were already halfway there we would drive on up the coast to Nelson bay.

It was a beautiful day. We found a cafe that we had stopped at 6 years ago when we were on that fateful holiday to Australia that triggered this big adventure. We had chatted to the new owner of the cafe back in 2003. He had recently arrived in Australia from England. He sold us the dream, the lifestyle, the sunshine, the adventure.

And so 6 years on we returned to find his niece still serving coffees and we told her about our chat with her Uncle and what he had been responsible for!

It was a fabulous day. Warm but not overpoweringly hot. We found a little deserted beach with a big old tree complete with tyre swing. The kids squealed, the waves lapped, we sat soaking up the atmosphere. We were having an "Australian moment" where we sat thinking "It's been worth it" Then the final little bit of magic fell into place.

As we looked out to sea a pod of dolphins surfaced and crested over and over....


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