Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gareth's First Communion.

Yesterday Gareth was fully initiated into our Church. He made his First Holy Communion along with a group of his classmates. He wanted to dress up so badly so he could look "Like a man"

Even though the dress code was flexible and not necessarily formal he was adamant that he wanted a tie. It was the day before the event and I had run out of time to travel to one of the larger department stores to look. I finished work and tried a local formal wear shop which had none available to sell but had a perfect silver one to hire. He was so excited when he came home to find it on the hall table!

Here is a photo of him just before we headed out to church.

There are more taken later as we stood in the church grounds but the one with me in it is when I lost my balance and fell backwards into the crunchy gum leaves on the ground. Thanks Byron for managing to catch the photo but not your wife! It was a great day with great memories and one we will remember very proudly!

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  1. Congrats...he does look quite handsome all dressed up.

  2. How lovely. Maybe the tie shows how seriously he is making his commitment! Hope you all had a very blessed day
    Sandra x

  3. God Bless your sweet son! It was a big day for sure, one that is fitting for a tie!! Great choice Gareth! Hope you weren't hurt in your fall Gina!

  4. Congratulations to Gareth. He looks very grown up :-)

  5. What an important day to remember for Gareth and his parents, I bet that you were rather moved.
    Oh, the first time they wear a tie!

  6. What a proud family moment, Father & Son look equally handsome. XXXXX