Monday, September 05, 2011

Never leave your kids home alone...

I dropped Gareth at swimming lessons down the road this afternoon while Sian and Rhiannon stayed behind doing homework.

When I came home this poster was stuck inside the front door...

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  1. Oh the lists....ha~ Very funny! Be glad there are only 8 things on that list!!!

  2. I think your children inherited your gift of humor :) Too funny!

    With Hope,

  3. Gina, this is hilarious - I can just picture them doing it too! Funny girls :-)

  4. They had so much fun doing this didn't they! Clever girls;)

  5. How funny, and how wonderful that they feel free to write such a list knowing that you will be laughing at it.
    Gina, about yoghurt: the warm environment is essential for the youghurt to develop, otherwise it will not work!