Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday rights.

It's my Birthday. The last one in my 30's. Yes, I've reached the ripe old age of 39. I'm really not overly concerned with numbers I don't (think) I have an issue with turning 40  next year. I embrace the experience of life and feel that I like the Gina I am now way more than the shy girl trying to find herself in her 20's or the new mum with a big learning curve ahead of her in my early 30's. I really am happy in my own skin right now. So why is it that when someone wished me an early Happy Birthday in work this week did I almost rugby tackle her to the ground and wrap duct tape around her mouth??? Could it be that she asked if this was a big one?.... The big...50? 

WHAT? Do I really look 11 years older than my body is? All the sensible words I just wrote went out the window and I found myself blushing and furiously defending my number. *deep breaths* Leaving numbers aside this is how I spent my day celebrating BEING IN MY 30's...

The day started with kids piled on the bed and cards and gifts being opened to oohs and aghs. Then off to be Manager to Gareth's rugby team as they played in freezing but gloriously crisp conditions.

Being manager I was supposed to bring the dirty kit hope and spend the day washing, drying and folding it for another game that is happening tomorrow. No chance. I took full advantage of my special rights and made Mr B do it!
How good could this day get? The rest of the day was spent relaxing and then ended with some more rugby. This time watching the Bledisloe cup on a big screen with friends and champagne and then home to bed ready for the 6am alarm to get me up for work. 

It's a shame birthdays can't  last forever (especially ones in your 30's...I'm just sayin')

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  1. Happy birthday Gina - yes that woman deserved a good slapping! Love your hubby's pic here - hilarious after his previous shot!!

  2. Hold on is Mr B giving us the bird? LOL

  3. Happy birthday!!! You look wonderful! And so YOUNG! And I'm glad I found your blog recently. ;)

  4. Happy Birthday Gina! 50? Sheesh, tell that chick to get her eyes checked! You look delightfully younger than your years. xxx

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Gina, Celebrations and Champagne with friends, sounds good xx

    I think she meant "the big one" meaning 40 years old!!! Then the next big one is 50. .. MY next big one is niether of those :-( ..

  6. You work with some crazy people Gina! No way do you look 50... which by the way is the NEW 40, said proudly by a 54 year old! We women just keep getting better and better with age! Oh that wonderful Mr. B~ gotta love that guy! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  7. I am so sorry I have missed your special day lovely lady. I hope that you had the best day celebrating and that your gorgeous family spoilt you rotten. Oh Mr B I love the look on his face, so glad he helped out so you got to enjoy your special day without having to do the washing:)

  8. Oh Gina, I think you are a fabulously youthful 39. And don't worry about joining the Big Four-Oh Club - I've been enjoying its delights for the past two years without complaint! Thanks for linking up with the POTMC. J x