Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Lily.

Today is special day for a little girl I know. It is her birthday. Lily is spending today in hospital having chemotherapy for leukaemia.

I was asked if I could make up "lolly bags" to be given to Lily and her cousins for a small party they will have in her hospital room today. As I shopped for the things I needed to make up these treats I felt a mixture of happiness that I could  do something to help and sadness that Lily is in this situation. I felt gratitude that my children are healthy and guilt that I know Lily's mum wishes the same thing. As the cashier scanned the bags of sweets he casually asked if I was having a nice day. He may not have intended a real answer but he got it! I told him what the sweets were for and found myself getting that wobble in my voice as I grabbed my change and ran.

I spent the next few hours making up the cups full of lollies and sealing them in cellophane bags. I printed the  logo of a favourite game on stickers to attach to the cups. I tied curling ribbon and tried to make them look as special as I would for my own child's party.

It felt good to be doing something practical for Lily. There is one more thing that would help make Lily's day. Something that you could do to wish her Happy Birthday. GIVE BLOOD. Wherever you live in the world there will be a child like Lily needing blood to recover from illness. For those who live local to me here is a leaflet with dates of upcoming blood drives. For anyone further a field please look up your nearest Red Cross branch or your countries equivalent.
It will be the most precious Birthday present Lily will ever get.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Sweet Lilly~

  2. What a truly lovely thing you did for Lily. Stories like this one make you appreciate your lot. I must check out the blood giving situation here as I recall when I first arrived from the UK I wasn't allowed to give. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Gina of the Big Heart, you are such a good and unselfish person, you are an example for me.

  4. So sweet of you to do that for Lily and prayers going out to all children who are suffering tonight.

  5. Oh Gina, you big-hearted girl. Good for you. I hope it made Lily's day. I used to give blood before having the pixies. I must enquire again. Thanks for the nudge. J x