Friday, August 03, 2012

Tomato Robber!

I like to check on the chickens and the guinea pigs when I get in from work. It's reassuring to see them scurrying around and to check that they have enough food and water. 

The kids are in charge of feeding the guinea pigs each morning before leaving the house. I try never to step in and do this job for them as I think it would be a slippery slope to the pets becoming my job. I do however love to give them all some extra food in the peace and quiet of the afternoon when no-one is about to watch. 

Today I had some tomatoes that were going just past being usable in the kitchen so I gave them to Tigger and Ivy.
 When I reached back for another tomato Betty the chicken had got in and claimed it as her own!
Cheeky Chicken!

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