Monday, July 07, 2014

07:07:14 A new family member!

Today we welcomed a new member into our family. While I worked this weekend Byron and Rhiannon "accidentally" fell in love with a puppy and did everything but the final paperwork to make him ours. They left all the practical stuff to Mum (as you do) like clearing out an area of the house for him and working out the practicalities (details, details they laughed!) And so today in a flurry of chaos we found ourselves the proud owners of a 12 week old male puppy who we have named "Murphy" 

Welcome little fluffy whirlwind. May you bring fun and laughter to our home but maybe not quite as much chaos as the last 24 hours have given me. Mummy is not as young as she used to be sweetheart. Time to have a quiet cuppa I think...

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  1. adorable!

  2. Congratulations on your new furry little bundle of joy!!! Murphy is absolutely adorable and I love his name!!! I wish you many years of happines and love with him!!! xo

    ~ Wendy