Sunday, July 27, 2014

27:07:14 Library

I love our local library. I used it a lot when the kids were little and wanted constant new reading material. Then there was a lull where the kids grew a little and were busy with school work and trips to the library became relegated to school holidays. Since becoming a member of the Old Ducks book club I have started using it so much more. I often use their website to reserve books we plan on reading over future book-club meetings.

Even with the amazing information to be found using Google there are still times where a library cannot be beaten. One of the girls recently had an assignment on Nordic religion and found it hard to find the material on-line. We called in to the library where they gathered every book on the Vikings from their shelves and ordered her in other books from outlying libraries at no cost. The day the exam was finished she handed me an armful of books to return. They weighed a ton!

I really hope that in this day and age of e-books and on-line research that people still think to use their local libraries. Every so often there are rumours of budgets and closures but whenever I get a chance to give my local council feedback on which community services we value I make sure to say how valuable a service our library is.

Do you use your local library? Or do you think their usefulness is being replaced by ever improving access to technology? 

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  1. I love our local library too :-)