Friday, July 11, 2014

11:07:14 Meal prep

The more that I feel stressed the more I turn to food as my salve. Not just the eating of it but the preparation. The colours of the ingredients gathered together. The before and after as nourishing veggies and meat are transformed into a simmering pot of goodness, with a little help from the addition of a can of Guinness! 

I still feel odd about walking into the local bottle shop on an early midweek morning and walking to the counter with one can of Guinness in my hand. I usually try to crowbar in some conversation about the Beef and Guinness casserole that is being made in my kitchen that day. The smile as I am passed my brown paper bag and change. "That's what they all say" says the glint in their eyes as I hurry home to start my beef marinating! 

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