Thursday, September 18, 2014

18:09:14 Twins!

A friend of mine is expecting twins! Tonight she thinks we are just having a normal Old Ducks bookclub but we are not! The only book we will be reading is the one that arrived on my doorstep today (phew, good timing Amazon!)

All us girls in bookclub have decided to surprise our friend with a few baby treats and nice nibbles to celebrate her pregnancy and help her have a few supplies to put by for the babies arrival.

We don't know if the babies are boys or girls? Or maybe one of each?! I can't wait to get there tonight and put my things together with the rest of the Old Ducks and see the mum-to-be's face as she works out what is going on.

I have set this blog post to publish after the start of bookclub just in case I accidentally give the game away!

So, so, so excited!

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  1. How lucky this mum-to-be is to have such wonderful friends!!! I hope it was a great time and she was surprised!! Have a beautiful weekend, Gina!! xo

    ~ Wendy