Sunday, September 28, 2014

28:09:14 Sunset gum trees

I really dislike working weekends. The weekend to me is a precious family time where we can spend time together. Weekend work pays more highly than weekend shifts but there is a price to pay. A trade off between money and family time. 

As a family we are lucky that both Byron and myself work mid week and weekends can be a time for relaxing. Occasionally though a big bill will come our way and then I am grateful for the chance to work an extra shift or two. This month I have worked three Sundays in succession. Today was the last and for that I am very grateful. 

I returned home late this afternoon having spent the day in air conditioned sterility. I was grateful for the chance to stand outside and breathe deep. To smell the air with the hint of eucalyptus, to hear the rustle of the dry leaves above my head and to look up and see the setting sun reflect off the bark. A good way to let go of the busy day and be glad to have a calm evening ahead with my family. 

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