Thursday, October 16, 2014

16:10:14 WhatBerries???

In Ireland in Autumn the hedgerows were often covered in Blackberry briars with juicy Blackberries nestled in amongst the prickly thorns. Here in Australia it is Spring and a huge tree that we walk past on our evening stroll with Murphy has these juicy deep purple berries hanging on the branches. There are no thorns and it is a proper tree rather than a twisted hedge of brambles. The berries are sweet and look just a bit longer than the round berries of my childhood. 

I've seen ice-cream flavours here in Australia called "Loganberry or Boysenberry" and wondered if they were a different name for the same thing or a different variety entirely. The fact that these berries grow on a thornless tree is what makes them so different and I was wondering if any Australians out there know the answer...?!

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  1. Hello! Been a while since I caught up with your blog. Lovely to be back :) These are mulberry trees (yes, different to boysenberries or loganberries). I recently discovered one in our garden (new house, hence I hadn't realised earlier!) and made a few jars of jam. Very yummy but they stain the skin badly - it took days for my hands to be back to normal. Mulberry leaves are the only food for silkworms (that make silk).