Monday, October 20, 2014

20:10:14 Happy Birthday Natalie.

Today's photo is the finished result of Rhiannon's gift to her friend Natalie who is celebrating her 15th Birthday today. 

She stretched watercolour paper and when it dried she painted Natalie's name in script with a paintbrush and liquid latex masking fluid. Next she wet the paper and then gently splashed different shades of blue watercolour paint that she had watered down. The droplets merged together and covered the paper and the latex. When the entire page was completely dry the latex was carefully peeled away painstakingly slowly. This revealed the original white paper. Once framed this looked so beautiful and so unique. 

I am constantly blown away by my amazing 14 year old and the ideas that she dreams in her head and then manages to create in reality. She really is so talented and artistic. 

And so today we wish Natalie a wonderful 15th Birthday. We hope you have a great day (even though you will be in school for a big chunk of it!) We hope you like your gift that is as unique and special as you!

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