Sunday, October 30, 2005

On the Water

This was our first weekend that we spent on the nearby Lake MacQuarie. Despite our best efforts, we couldn't manage to shake Gina off the inflatable water-biscuit and she can hardly walk today because she aches so much!

She was bouncing around so much Sian nearly fell out of the boat laughing.

Everyone got a try at piloting the boat, Sian and Rhiannon mastered the steering but Gareth just wanted to push the throttle full forward, that's my boy!

We all had a go at something in the water, whether it was water skiing or in the tube; Gina's brother Joe got a real fright when he fell in and was completely surrounded by jellyfish who started "sucking" him.

Gareth loved it, and wouldn't take his sunnies off all day.

Joe won the award for the most spectacular falls into the lake, he must have drunk about 10 pints of the stuff! For those in the know, the "dragon" made its first guest appearance photos luckily.

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