Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bonfire Night

Ok, so there were no fireworks here in Australia as Guy Fawkes night isn't celebrated, but we made the most of it and decided to have a pool party instead.

Charles and Sue came to visit with Ben and baby Hannah. Most of the weekend was spent around the pool with the kids having a ball and the bigger "kids" nursing sore heads.....

Saturday was overcast but we were stubborn and insisted on going in the pool regardless. Charles and Sue have been here for a year and half and are acclimatised to the heat; when the sun went down we had a bbq on the patio. They had goosebumps and had to change into long sleeves and trousers. Gina and I were determined to wear shorts and t-shirts, and want to forever at the moment!

Sunday was a real scorcher; we had bbq breakfast (bacon, eggs and muffins) and lunch was a bbq too! Check out the kebabs.

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