Saturday, February 25, 2006

Open air cinema

We had a real treat this weekend when we went to a free open air cinema in nearby Newcastle. There is a lovely grassy park on the shores of Throsby Creek. The local council sponsor lots of open air activities over the summer and have set up temporary cinema screens every Saturday night this month. They then use a laptop to project a family film onto the screen when the sun sets. Everyone turns up with blankets and eskys of food and drink and finds a spot to have their picnic. It was great fun and although Gareth crashed out half way through the film Rhiannon sat mesmerised right through till the ending at 11pm! Luckily we had a torch to find our way back to the car. Unfortunately that was the last film of the summer but we will definitely be going back when they start up again next year!

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  1. What did you see?

  2. "Spirited Away", a surreal anime-style animation that lasted for hours...shame we sat on an ant's nest!