Sunday, February 26, 2006


We always knew when we emigrated that we were likely to have some friends and family visit us over the next few years. What we didn't bank on was them actually booking airline tickets so soon!

We will be breaking ourselves in gently over the coming months. My Uncle Colm and Maggie are joining us next weekend for two nights before they carry on to Sydney and then back to my cousin Nick in Melborne. Byron's Mum and Dad have booked to fly over for three weeks in April, his friend Nashy is due for a couple of days in June, and just this morning our friends Josie and Stef confirmed that they are joining us for the month of August! Looks like we better go bed shopping!!!

We definitely aren't complaining; the more the merrier, and we're looking forward to seeing everyone come over to visit us sometime. There's plenty of room! Get your bookings in early to avoid disappointment....

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  1. looks like you will have a full house!