Sunday, April 01, 2007

Catherine Hill Bay (Written by Cathy!)

After a busy start to Sunday various members of our clan were dispatched off to get hire car and the Palm Sunday mass, Joe, Rhonda & Cian dropped in for coffee & Gina's home made cookies.

Although a grey start to the day we were determined to hit the beach, undeterred by a few drops of rain, after all we're used to British/Irish summers where coats & swimmers are the norm.

Fortunately as we arrived at Catherine Hill Bay, the praying paid off and the sun began to shine.

The kids couldn't wait to get in the water & had a whale of a time on the boogie boards in the huge waves.

As soon as they started to flag it was decided Carrie needed to end her Aussie hols on the crest of a wave and the 'big kids' commandeered the boards!

The most fun you can have without being arrested! Carrie showed promise but Byron's competitive streak took over for some photo finishes! (He claimed it was all above board!!) There was some chaffing, but nothing serious.

A large round of ice lollies, Gina drinking coffee out of tupperware boxes, (one classy bird!)

Alex & Sian buried themselves in the sand for a considerable amount of time, and the life guards were kept entertained by the party at large.

We all came home exhilarated & tired for fish & chips with a glass of something nice for the grown ups. The end of another fantastic day, but all sorry to see Carrie leave till we meet again. We wish her a safe trip home, it was a real treat to see her & meet Joe & family, the missing links in our encounters with our good friends the Sheerans.

(Thanks Gina for letting me 'guest blog' hold me back!!!)

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