Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Woodruffs hit the water.

It was a glorious sunny day today so we decided to take the boat out for a spin around the lake.

The kids were very excited. After they were all strapped up in their life jackets they were sat into the front of the boat with strict instructions to obey the Captain. It could have been a nightmare having 4 adults and 6 kids in a small space in the middle of a lake but the kids were brilliantly behaved and it was easy!

They all huddled up tight at the bow of the boat laughing and shouting "faster faster"

We sat in the back with our coffee enjoying the sun on our faces. Grace was really good and was happy to sit on laps while the boat was moving.

We tied up to a mooring in a quiet inlet and the kids all jumped overboard and had a swim around. Poor Grace was the only one not allowed in the water and wasn't happy. None of us adults were prepared to risk the bracing water to get in with her. The kids said it was lovely and warm but we weren't dipping more than a toe in!

We rang Carrie in Anne and Kels house to ask her to join us. She was in her pj's so we gave her two minutes to change, brush her teeth and run down the 100 steps to the jetty. She made it in record time and we spent the last hour pottering around, drinking more coffee and having fun. The wind picked up and we werent able to get Carrie back to Anne and Kels jetty because it was very choppy so we abandoned her and Derek at another local jetty where she walked the 10 minutes back to the house. We got the boat safely back out of the water and back to the house with just over an hour to wash the 6 kids, the boat and ourselves before heading off to a party in Anne and Kels house to celebrate their house move that will happpen early next month.

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