Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Peter!

It was Peter Winters 40th birthday and a big night out was planned to help him celebrate in style! We got a babysitter and set the kids up infront of a DVD with bowls of popcorn.

Byron decided we would share the driving. He drove us in and I drove us home! We were taxi to some friends to allow more people to enjoy a drink. I think the drive in and out of Newcastle was almost as much fun as the night itself! Imagine me driving home with 4 passengers arguing with my nice SatNav lady...! I tried to ignore them all and just followed my blue line!

It was a fun night and one of our friends David (the man on the left in the above photo!) spent the night taking photos on his fancy new iPhone and then created this fun comic strip with the photos. David, you have too much time on your hands!!!

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