Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gareths first week at school

Gareth has been enjoying his first few days at school.

He has been very tired coming home but luckily he seems to be settling to bed at a reasonable time so he is waking up quite fresh in the mornings. It is an early start, about 6.45am but he is excited getting dressed and so far has not had any tears in the mornings.

He is so happy with his teacher and keeps telling everyone that he has the bestest teacher in the whole school and that she looks like honey!

He was very excited on Wednesday when he came home. He told me they had watched a cool movie. It was all about the baddies called "plaques" they were attacking the teeth! He very earnestly told me he was never going to eat another sweetie in his whole life.

"I can't Mum, or else I will get GRAVITIES"

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