Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Flowers are a luxury that are all the more special when received as a gift. Usually for a birthday or an anniversary. Even more special when received for no particular reason!

Colours may fade after a few days but a photo can be a beautiful reminder of the love they were given with.

Now don't be a smart arse Mr B and tell me to look at this picture next time I want another bunch!!!

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  1. Lovely flowers Gina!
    My hubby used to jump on his bike and go around with a plastic bag and scissors and permanently borrow others people flowers.... i had some lovely bouquets from them LOL

  2. Great Idea Gina... I usually ask not to be given flowers, most especially roses, since they are so expensive and wither so quickly. I alway hated to see the money wasted. I am getting better about, and I love Trader Joe's beautiful flower choices!! Have a lovely day!

  3. hello there,
    I found your blog from your comment on cjane. I also noticed that your world map had nobody from the southwestern United States on it, and so here I am commenting for no particular reason from Arizona! I did enjoy reading your posts. bye now...

  4. I have a confession Karen... My 11 yr old daughter made the map on our family computer. She found a blank map and put random push pins all over the countries that we have had visits from. Goegraphically it wasn't that accurate! We must get a widget that will show peoples true locations. Glad it made you comment though! looking forward to hopping over to have a look at your blog...

  5. Simply Beautiful & Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know exactly what you mean!