Thursday, October 01, 2009

Spot the difference...

Between this picture I took of Gareth this week...

and this...

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  1. That's my boy, 20:20 vision, no need for glasses, he has fighter-pilot vision!

    Just like his Dad...

    Now, where did I put my keys?

  2. I always feel kind of robotic looking when they put the eye exam equipment in front of you.

  3. Too cute! My son LOVES Wall-E!

    And there is quite an uncanny resemblance!

  4. I am totally going to date myself when I admit to the fact that I thought the picture of Wall-E was Johnny Five at first...

  5. I recently brought some of my children to the eye doctor and I laugh every time one of them is behind those contraptions.

    Unfortunately the children know that I am laughing so they end up laughing too. It is difficult at that time to compose ourselves for the rest of the exam.

    Thanks for the funny photo resemblances :))

    Laughter is good medicine.

    With love and hope,