Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Day 11

It's the weekend. We are steering clear of the shops between now and Christmas. I will go shopping one more time on Monday while the kids are in school and hopefully get the last few gifts home and wrapped before the kids finish up in school later in the week.

Today we stayed home and the kids swam and played. Our neighbours Hibiscus tree has gone into bloom and many of the gorgeous red blossoms are dangling over the fence. Big temptation for a pretty girl! I'm sure they won't miss just one!

Day 11's window had a chocolate snowman. A melting chocolate snowman in this heat. He didn't last long!

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  1. Have you gotten used to hot weather at Christmas? Does it still feel like Christmas? I am freezing at the moment. Did you find out your schedule yet??? I hope, I hope you are home for Christmas. xo,Gina