Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Day 17

Todays opening of the Advent Calendar was a bit different. We managed to line up a video Skype call with Mum and Dad in Ireland and Rhiannon opened up her window in front of the laptop as they watched. It was nice to share it with Mum and Dad as they are so good to send the calendar over every year and today they felt a part of it all. 

We "walked" them around the house with me running holding the laptop after the kids as they ran from room to room, bouncing on beds, showing off trophys, magnet creations, even the abilty to climb into a small cupboard and shut the doors behind (nice one Gar! I'm sure Grandad Joe loved that demo!)

It all came to an end when I managed to knock over a cup of tea in the kitchen and tried to mop it up with one hand while balancing the laptop in the other. Some days I think I am Wonder Woman but occasionally I have to face reality and admit defeat!

Only one week and it will be Christmas Eve!!!

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