Saturday, February 05, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot.....

Send. Ice. Quickly.....

It is mid 40's all this week. The wind blows strong hot air in my face every time I open a door or window. Thank God for air-con. This sort of weather we have named "Tumble drier days" Put wet washing on the line (if you can stand to breathe in the hot air in your face) and it will be dry in 20minutes. Think you can go outside barefoot to do this 5 minute chore? Think again. The ground is so hot you could fry an egg on it. I found myself trying to hang some shirts bare foot and without sunglasses and looked like a blind Riverdancer hopping around doing an Irish jig feeling for clothes pegs with eyes tight shut against the glare. It took 2 days to recover and go out to bring the clothes back in!

I have been collecting the kids from school everyday because the school bus has no air-con. Before leaving the house I grab some "icy-poles" from the freezer, tubes of frozen fruit juice. By the time I get to the school 6 minutes later they have all but melted. It's too hot to use the swimming pool, we worry all day about the poor Guinea Pigs and bring them inside to the air-conditioned kitchen as soon as we get in from the school run. Even Sians school which is mainly without air-con finally gave up and let the students ring home on Friday lunchtime to be collected and brought home to the cool.

You have to check your car before you pull away from a car park because animals are seeking out the shadows underneath to fall asleep in. A trip to the supermarket is a treat. The kids run for the refrigerated aisles and stand with their hands, belly's and faces pressed against the freezer doors trying to absorb the cool.

You know you are living in Australia when your kids fight over who gets to hug the big cold milk cartons in the car on the way home...

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  1. Sounds like Texas in the summer! We just got done with nearly a week below freezing. Using my Fahrenheit to Celsius converter, we ranged anywhere from -12.2 to -6.6 this last week. It was DARN COLD. Funny how a place can range in temperatures SO much.

    I hope ya'll find a good way to cool off, or you'll have to come visit Texas for a blast of cold air LOL!

  2. Head on over to the States....most of the country is like a giant ice pop! :)