Thursday, February 17, 2011

The lesser of two Weevils.

We have been invaded.

First there were the 26 red-back spiders Byron found happily spinning webs on our outdoor furniture. Yes, they can kill you but since the introduction of anti-venom it is more likely that you will only have excruciating pain and need hospitalisation but will actually pull through in the end.

Then there were the crickets jumping around my kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. They cannot kill you at all - sweet little jumpy things. Unless of course you are carrying a large pan of boiling hot pasta when they jump out at you and scare the living daylights out of you (and the neighbours who hear the blood curdling screams two streets away)

Then there are the odd little black bugs that are everywhere. Tiny black beetle like creatures that are crawling over walls and tiles and for every one that you crush under foot at least another three appear out of the corner of your eye. These delightful creatures are again harmless, not blood sucking mites like we first panicked. No, just simple little weevils that had taken up residence in the jumbo bag of guinea pig feed we had in the garage. Yes, it took a week of looking for the source of these little bugs before we saw the bag of feed practically move across the garage floor itself due to the thousands of bugs crawling around inside it....

Gareth overheard me talking to Byron about them and then went telling people we had been invaded by weasels.
I suppose there is always a silver lining to be found and to be honest, I'd rather little black specks than one of these...!

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  1. Ew this post gave me the creepy crawlies! We have the red backed spiders too (called black widows here), and we found a massive one reproducing under the kids playground last fall. Yuck, I hate even thinking about it. Hope you get all your pests taken care of!!!

  2. Ok Gina... you are seriously freaking me out!!! Yikes!