Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jet Lag and Cousins!

The first week after getting home from Ireland I collapsed into a bit jet-lagged heap. I had made promises to God pleading for no jet-lag on my arrival in Ireland so that I could make the best use of the seven days I had there. I bargained that I would take double the jet-lag if I could only delay it all until I returned to Australia. Well God answered good and proper and I could barely keep my eyes open for the first part of this week.

We pulled in to the driveway at about 10pm on Sunday night after an exciting chatter-filled car journey home from the airport. Monday morning when the bedside alarm went off at 6.30am I felt like someone was pranking me, waking me in the middle of the night. I struggled through the day and even thought at one point while driving Gareth to swimming lessons that I really wasn't fully up to it. I felt as though I was driving after drinking and made sure I took the journey slow and then put away the car keys on my return and told Byron he would have to do the tennis run as I didn't trust my reaction times.

It took most of that week to return to anything near normal. I had no difficulty getting to sleep each night, I just couldn't get up in the mornings!

As the end of the week approached I had a call from my brother asking could I have his boys overnight so he could go to a wedding. It was crazy fun and my 2 year old nephew delighted in waking me as the sun was barely rising with great big shouts of "Aunty Geeeena, It's no night-time anymore.... wake up Aunty Geeeeeena, WAKE UP!"

My brother called by the next morning and brought their baby with them so I managed to get a group photo of the 6 cousins together. It kind of made up for the early start! kind of..... yaaaaawnnnn...

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  1. Hi,

    I stumbled across your blog from Kristy's. Hope the jet lag has finally worn off :) pic of kids is gorgeous.
    Your profile description is so true! House and dishes eventually get done, but kids dont stop growing! Gotta grab the moment and enjoy it.
    I'm from Ireland too, Dublin. Glad to find your to read a bit more over my cuppa.


  2. Beautiful children! God Bless you Gina and your family this Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday!

  3. That's a lovely shot of all of them together. I remember the early start I had when my two nephews came to stay the night I didn't know what hit me my two aren't early risers at all thank goodness but it was nice to have them stay and watch the girl look after them:) x