Saturday, November 24, 2012

My baby turns 10!

Gareth turns 10 this weekend. He opted for a few friends for tea today rather than a big party as he had been told that he was getting a special present this year that had eaten up the birthday budget.

When he agreed on a "not a party get-together" his only question was "Can I still have a cake?" Of course he could. Next question "Can it be a character from Adventure Time?" What character? "Beemo" What does Beemo look like? "He's a blue rectangle" I can do rectangles! And so the Beemo cake was made.

And while I iced the final touches Gareth disappeared into the computer room with his sister who made him a Beemo mask and then cut bits of coloured paper out and stuck them to him so that his t-shirt was transformed into Beemo's body!

Happy "day before you turn 10" Gareth!

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  1. A birthday dinner sounds like a great idea. Happy 10th birthday Gareth I hope your birthday was fun and enjoy being double digits. :)

  2. Awesome! (Off to google "Beemo"....)

  3. Happy birthday gar have a great day xx

  4. Yay Beemo cake request - a very fine Beemo!
    Happy birthday - my baby turned 9 saturday just passed, time shuttles past doesn't it?