Saturday, April 20, 2013

(Almost) a teenager!

Rhiannon will become a teenager this month. I feel old. Very old. Feel free to validate me with comments below about how I don't look old enough to have kids. I regularly get told this in work. Usually by the patients in the 90+ age group who are missing their glasses (and marbles) *sigh*

Back to Rhiannon...

It is school holidays here and many of Rhiannon's friends are away travelling with their families and enjoying the break. We found a day last week that her best friends were free and they came over for afternoon tea. Rhiannon helped with icing and decorating mini cup cakes, dipping strawberries in chocolate and making little chocolate meringues sandwiched with fresh cream. Yum!

Only a few days now until the real birthday. I'm making the most of having a 12 year old daughter . A few more days of pre-teenage bliss. A few more days of denial... Pass the chocolate... And the wine...!

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  1. Enjoy the last few days before you have two teenage daughters! (Sorry, that wouldn't have made you feel better...)

    Happy birthday, Rhiannon. I hope 13 is everything she hopes it to be and more xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter .. what I would give to be back there .. (or maybe not) I am not old enough to have a son with a 10 year old son himself (now that is old).. and four more grandchildren .. LOL ...

    I was over joyed the other day on the train with my eldest grandson, when an older lady said , look after your mum to him , he said I will and then turned to me ,, and said Nanny you must look really young to her ... yeah you are LOl xx

  3. lovely rhinannon xxx