Monday, April 29, 2013

Anzac Day at school.

Gareths school had a lovely ceremony to mark Anzac day on the first day back after the holidays. Because the bugle is strongly linked with the life of soldiers Gareth was asked to bring in his trumpet and to present it during the ceremony. The last post was played on the speakers and Gareth raised the trumpet and "mimed" to it. He was wearing a slouch hat as traditionally worn by diggers and it gave me goosebumps and brought a lump to my throat.

I could not help but see the contrast between my safe and happy 10 year old boy and the young men that left their mothers to fight for our freedom. Each of those young men were once a 10 year old boy. Each of them had a mother and a father, sisters and brothers, friends and comrades.

Not all of them made it home to their mothers arms. And for that I will hug Gareth a little tighter tonight as I tuck him up in bed...

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  1. it is always a very touching event and it really get's you at another level as you get older...when i was young i imagined losing my dad, then imagined my sweetheart never coming back, then my husband not coming back and leaving me a widow (my is ex army so this rang scary true) and my children fatherless and now as a mother i imagine my boys fighting a war - so stupid war continues but so fortunate that brave people still exist to fight them for us...

  2. I was drawn to your blog by Googling the Fast Diet. I read about your fast days and your food days, and I was encouraged by your weight loss (I had to ask Google to translate to pounds LOL). I stayed to read Anzac Day and got a little knot in my throat right along with you. I have three grown sons and four grandchildren. I enjoyed reading about your rice pudding and contractions. So I joined your blog. I hope you are still doing fast days. I hope to become more healthy through fasting. I live in North Carolina now. My husband and I were born in Detroit, Michigan, but moved here 35 years ago. My Dad was born in Manchester, Lancashire, and I have an affinity for British TV, history, and people. That's why I Googled Anzac Day and why I wanted to say hello on your blog. Those sweets really looked beautiful and tempting!! And today is a fast day!

  3. Hi Carol, thanks for your lovely comment. It's always lovely to hear from people who have been reading my blog posts. Yes, I am still fasting. My weight loss has steadied out and I seem to be staying at a healthy BMI of 20 to 21. Thanks for joining the blog. As you see it is a random mixture of topics from The Fast diet through to whatever family things we get up to.
    It's lovely to have heard from you