Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Distant Godmother.

I am lucky enough to be a Godmother to two lovely kids. One a boy, one a girl. One in the UK and one here in Australia. When I became Godmother to Myles we were still living in the UK and had no idea that we would be emigrating to the other side of the world. Even though I can't be a part of his everyday life I still care for him enormously. I worried when he was preparing to start High School in the same way as I worried for each of my own girls. I wanted to be able to wave a magic wand to shield him from all trouble. It has been 6 years since I've seen Myles and been able to really look at who he is becoming, 6 years since we took this brilliant selfie together under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Last week I was walking down a path from a car-park to a hospital entrance and I saw a name scratched into the cement. It was written on a path that was travelling from a different part of the hospital grounds but was almost intersecting with mine. The name made me stop and made my heart skip a beat. At that moment I missed my Myles and hoped that he still knows that I care for him and think about him. I took the photo as an excuse to send him a "no-reason" email.
Now that I look at the photo again I can see the two paths almost ready to collide. That's you and me Myles. We may be travelling across different parts of the world but in 5 months I will be in the UK and we will meet again. What do you think we should do my amazing GodChild? I think we should go for a walk together and find some fresh laid cement and get busy with sticks leaving our mark before hugging and taking a new selfie. I know both our faces will have changed in that time but I hope our smiles will be the same...

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  1. Awwww..... tear in my eye xx

  2. So sweet! Great picture :)

  3. Beautiful- I am sure he feels your love!

  4. For those of you who don't know us I'm Myles' Mum. I read this with a wave of emotion needless to say! The reason I chose you, Gina, as godmother to my quirky but truly delightful son is because after an 'eventful' pregnancy you were honestly the closest thing I could get to a real fairy godmother! You are an inspiration and perfect for the job!
    For you anything is possible...only one thing you are not so good flew to a land far away but never managed to get your teleporting skills worked out...yet!
    We love you & we miss you and your magic! Happy birthday!
    (Myles is formulating a reply having felt instantly very guilty about the grafitti..!)

  5. Hi Cathy, I'm Francesca, the mum of Gina's other godchild.

    Gina, seeing the love you have for Myles over the years and the distance warms my heart and makes me feel (even more) like we made a great choice in fairy godmother for our daughter (particularly as you "practically delivered her"!).