Thursday, August 01, 2013

Veggie Garden (Third time lucky!)

I've had a few attempts at growing a veggie garden. So far the chickens have "helped" me to thin out my seedlings and aerate my herb gardens by flying over every type of fence I have placed between them and the veggie patch. The few carrots that did thrive were very oddly shaped altogether and made for much titillation (due to their similarity to a certain male body part) but not much eating. The beautiful big leafy beetroot plants looked amazing but yielded only a handful of marble sized beets. Enough as a side portion for one but not quite enough to sustain a family of five through the winter.

Anyway, I decided to try again now that the weather is warming up. The fence became double height and still the bloomin' chickens got over. I am now at two and a half panels and seem to be winning (crossed fingers)...

To try to get a headstart on the season that is slipping by I bought little seedlings and transplanted them straight into the fertilized soil. It makes me feel like I waved a magic wand and have an instant garden. I've got some broccoli, snow-peas, lettuce, carrots, beetroots, basil, chives and oregano...
 All I need to hope now is that I am successful at keeping the chickens out until the little lettuces get big enough to make a salad for dinner!

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