Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12:02:14 No sleep logged today...

I mentioned on an earlier post that Byron and myself have FitBits. One of the interesting things mine does is it gives a "bar-code" representing how well I slept. The solid blue is deep sleep meaning no movement could be detected by my wristband. The pale blue is where the wristband feels me toss and turn which is normal a couple of times during the night. Any pink stripes represent times that the wristband detected me sit up in the bed or get up and walk around.  

The top two bar-codes are an average nights sleep for me and were the last two good nights sleep in my own bed before we set off on our UK and Ireland  trip.

The "No sleep logged today" represented the lack of sleep logged on our 48 hour door to door journey where my head never saw a pillow.

And the bottom bar-code was the first nights sleep in Ireland. I knew when I got out of bed that I had slept dreadfully and half remembered getting in and out of bed as I thought I heard the kids awake (They were sleeping) But it was totally amazing to see the exact breakdown of exactly how my body reacted to the change in time zones! 

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  1. Everyone goes on about these Fitbits and they are expensive , I know what mine would say , bad nights sleep as my hubby snores!!