Thursday, February 27, 2014

27:02:14 Crochet

Crochet seems to be gaining popularity amongst my age group. I've noticed recently that many of my friends regularly Facebook their latest creations. At bookclub last week my friend Jo was happily crocheting away as we nattered. We teased her about her new passion and made jokes about her age. Today one of my patients was busily crocheting these cute flowers as the base for a baby quilt her daughter was making. I asked her could I take a photo to send Jo and pretend it was my own work! Sure enough when I was on lunch I got a sarcastic message back from Jo calling me a show off! I'm not sure how long I will wait before admitting it wasn't actually the work of my own fair hands....?!

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  1. My grandmother could crochet. She taught me how to knit but I never learned to crochet. I'd like to learn. Book club might need to turn into crochet & book club!

  2. Love those flowers! So cute! My father had a major surgery (years ago) and during his recuperation time he taught himself how to crochet and made all of the women in the family (my mom and his sister and mother) gorgeous sweaters. Have fun!