Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keeping us well.

I have been very interested in the benefits of essential oils recently, particularly their anti-viral/anti-bacterial benefits. Working in a hospital I get exposed to many different pathogens and obviously follow all suggested guidelines to use protective equipment and good hygiene techniques to ensure I don't become unwell or unwittingly bring any nasties home with me. Occasionally there is a bad outbreak of something. We are all aware of the horror stories we read in the media about Ebola and Norovirus outbreaks. A colleague spoke to me about "Oil of thieves" Its a blend of clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus essential oils that were supposed to have kept graverobbers fit and well during the bubonic plague. I have no desire to test this oil in quite such a dramatic way but I did recently buy it to use about the house to keep us fit and healthy. 

During the recent storms we lost power from Monday through to Saturday. The last time we had such a long time without power we all came down with vomiting bugs. This time I ensured we were meticulous with hand hygiene and ate only non refrigerated foods and I also burned Oil of Thieves in a tea-light vaporizer which I think may have helped. It certainly made the house smell good and made me feel I was "doing something" to keep us well. 

I had ordered some funny little "diffuser bottles" on necklaces from China on eBay a few weeks back. they were only $2 each. The idea is that you fill the tiny 1ml bottle with an essential oil of your choice and wear it around your neck. You can either open the tiny cork and rub a drop of the oil between your hands and inhale it. Or you can just allow the oil to slowly vaporise through the cork as you wear it. I was very happy to have this little bottle around my neck as day after day passed without power. So worth the small amount of money it cost!

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