Thursday, August 31, 2006

Back to Normality

Phew! What a month.

As you know, we've had good friends visiting us from the UK for the past 4 weeks and it's certainly been busy. So much so in fact, that the house feels eerily quiet this past week, and we've come down to earth with a bump...

It was strange hearing English accents again every day, the first time for nearly 6 months. Gina and Josie got on as if they had never been apart (I can still hear them yabbering on) and Stef and I made sure that the sacred ceremony of burning sausages on the bbq remained sacred. The house was generally a fairly noisy, upside down, inside-out type of affair - which has to be expected for a house packed with 10 people; and it's a tribute to everyone involved that we're still on good terms at the end of their holiday! Well Done!!

So, it's back to normality again this week. We first had some bad news that the landlord wanted to put our house back on the market, with an 'open house' every Saturday. This means that potential buyers or nosey-parkers (sticky-beakers over here) can come and check out the house every Saturday. This made us feel quite unsettled, but we've managed to persuade the landlord to allow us to stay here until the end of March 2007 while our new house is being built. Happy days.

Poor Gina though, she's been cleaning madly all week in readiness for the open house.

We also signed our final tender with our house builder this week, and this means that actual building will commence within 20 working days. This is great news, so expect to see regular updates of the build process on this blog.

It's Father's Day in Australia this Sunday, and in preparation for that (and in recognition for the stunning roles us Dads play) there is a Dad's breakfast BBQ being held at the kids' school tomorrow morning at 8am. The kids are very excited about it, and I must admit the idea of a sausage sandwich and a coffee first thing in the morning appeals to me to ! I'm sure there'll be photos tomorrow, watch this space....

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  1. Happy Days - Missing you already!!! Ding dong, Tip top, Well done Fella. Nice work. Looking forward to the house updates.