Monday, August 14, 2006

Shoal Bay

We have just come back from a wonderful 3 nights in Shoal Bay. We stayed at the holiday park that we were in 3 years ago.

It was while we were staying there in 2002 that we had the famous "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" conversation that started as a bit of fun over a bottle of wine and ended up with us arriving in the land of Oz with three young kids, 8 suitcases, no job, no house and big dreams.

It was another fabulous holiday with lots of ice-creams, swimming and bottles of wine in the evening.

On the Saturday we went on a dolphin cruise with Josie and Stef and saw a couple of dolphins that kept a reasonable distance from the boat. Later that afternoon when we were back on Shoal Bay beach we saw what we think were the same two dolphins swimming very close to the shore. Byron decided to be brave and swam out to them. He got to within about 30 feet of them and they carried on swimming and surfacing then diving back under. It was magical to watch. None of us were brave enough to join him!

How I missed having my camera with me. It is frustrating to have no photos to put on the blog today. You will have to take my word for it. It was breathtaking!

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