Friday, August 18, 2006

Birthday surprise!

It's my Birthday today and I have been treated like royalty. Mr B provided breakfast in bed and the kids ran into our bedroom shouting "Wake up. It's your birthday!!!" (just incase I had forgotten!). They were so excited as always, giving me homemade cards and helping to unwrap everything. After the ritual chaos of torn paper and phone calls from Ireland and Wales it was time to come back down to earth and start getting ready for the school run. As I was brushing Sians hair there was the roar of a loud engine coming up our driveway. It sounded like a jumbo jet was landing on our front lawn. The kids were squealing with excitement because they knew my birthday surprise had arrived.....

When I opened the front door (in my Pj's) there were Anne and Kel on Kels Harley-Davidson!
They had been planning with Byron and the girls all week to surprise me with a morning ride with Kel while Anne and Byron carried on with the school run. They had all the leathers, gloves and helmet ready for me. It was amazing!!!

I clung for dear life to Kel all the way as we whizzed down the road with all the kids shouting and waving goodbye.

We went on a great ride out to the Rathmines, Fishing Point and Balmoral (Where we are building the new house) Eventually we came full circle and passed by the girls school just as Byron and Anne were pulling out. The ride ended all too soon outside Hughzies cafe in Toronto where I was meeting my friends for a birthday coffee. Even the waitress was excited for us!
It was a fantastic start to the morning and will really be a birthday to remember!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Gina!