Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hi from NICOLA !!!!!

Thank you Gina, Byron, Sian, Rhiannon and Gareth for having me. I had a brilliant time with you all. It was great to catch up properly with Gina and get to know Byron and the kids again. You guys should be so proud of your amazing family.

Rhiannon has taken over Sian s previous position of girl in pink! I believe green and blue are Sian's preferred colours these days. Gareth has an amazing star collection in his room. ( I 'm secretly jealous of that!) . Gina and Byron, what can I say...... You haven't changed a bit and are as in love as ever. You are a refreshing couple to be around.

We had every weather condition imaginable in the three short days I spent with you. From 45 degrees heat by the pool, to cloudy cool and breezy, to a very quick

(within minutes!) major storm that rained giant ice cube sized hail stones that punched holes in the heavy duty plastic box that stored the swimming pool equipment ( we have pictures to prove this!). What can I say? I had an amazing time and will definitely be back (if you'll have me?).

Love you all.
xxxxx Nic

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