Monday, February 16, 2009

V.I.P. Party

Sian will be 11 in 3 weeks time. We talked about what she wanted to do to celebrate her birthday. With the glamour and excitement of the weekends concert still fresh in her mind she decided she wanted to have some friends around to our house for a pop star party. No boys, girls only, lots of balloons, streamers and music so they could dance their hearts out and have lots of girly fun.

We sat down and thought about invites, Sian had seen a V.I.P. themed party in a magazine and so out came the paper, scissors, glitter and laminator . After a couple of hours of craft and a trip to the local shops for some pink metallic cord Sian had a bunch of V.I.P. lanyard invites. They had the name of the girls on one side and all the date/time/place info on the other.

She was so excited going to school this morning with them.

All we need to do now is talk Mr B and Gar into wearing dark suits and shades and acting like our event security on the day!

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  1. Just followed the link here because I'm using it in my post for tomorrow- thanks for leaving the idea at Shaye's blog, I actually made up our invites based on your idea. It's funny to see how close they came out- thanks for the very cool idea!