Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Normal blogging will resume shortly...

Unfortunately our house was flooded yesterday due to a burst water pipe. Gina had a shock when she arrived home to see water flowing down the driveway...

The house is a bombshell, carpets ripped out, cupboards emptied and lots of soggy things everywhere. Repairs include new skirting boards in every downstairs room, new kitchen cupboards, new carpets and plasterboard sheeting, not to mention furniture and electrical equipment.

Currently, we have 10 industrial sized blowers and de-humidifiers running on full power day and night, for the next 4 days. It's very noisy!

Luckily we're fully insured but blogging will definitely be interrupted for at least a week.

Kids are taking it in their stride as usual, and we're all treating it like an adventure. I only hope Gina's friend Nicola, who arrives for a visit next week, likes adventures too...

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  1. Theres nothing like a quiet, boring uneventful life in the baynham household is there!!! Hope it gets sorted soon. xxxx

  2. been there and it's not a t shirt I would wish on anyone! Hope it dries out quicker for you in Auz than it did for us in Jan in uk! Good luck with all the reparations! Thinking of you, Cathy