Tuesday, June 15, 2010

歓迎 Japanese Students.

Sian's High School asked for families to volunteer to host Japanese Students this coming August for a few nights. The students will be attending the High School and exploring our area before moving on to Sydney and the Blue Mountains. We said we would love to be a part of this and we have been accepted. It looks like we will have two female students in our spare room a couple of months from now.

Sian had a choice between studying Japanese or French this year and chose French so we do not have the advantage of some basic language but I believe the students will have some English. I am wondering what the experience will be like? Do we cook Australian food to give them our cultural experience? BBQ's and eating in the garden, or do we cook Japanese style food to help them feel at home? What about our Irish and Welsh cultures? I'm leaning towards the Aussie answer. I wonder if they will want to show us how to cook a meal one night? That would be fun!

I know some of our readers are based in Japan. Any ideas? What would you want for your teenager daughter if she were to come stay with us while away from home? Is there any Japanese etiquette we need to know? Looking forward to sharing more of this story as it unfolds...


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  1. How exicting! What a great experience for you and your children!

    I don't know much about Japanese culture, but I took part in an exchange program in high school and could give a bit of perspective on that aspect of it. I went to Germany and stayed with two different families in two different regions of the country. What was so fascinating for me was experiencing German culture. Foods that I wasn't familar with, traditions that were new to me. I knew I had the rest of my life to eat American food, I wanted to make the most of my time in Germany. So as far as meals are concerned, I'd recommend cooking meals that are traditionally Australian. If I'm understanding right, Australia, like the United States, has a society with such rich & varied origins, so I think it would be absolutely appropriate to also honor your Welsh and Irish heritage.

    But I also love the idea of asking your exchange students if they'd like to prepare a meal one night. They may be eager to share some of their culture with you, and again...what a wonderful experience for your family to share in!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about this -- what an amazing opportunity to take part in!

  2. We have had heaps of Japanese students and they love trying the foods that we normally eat. Ours particularly enjoyed bbqs but also things like spaghetti bolognese. Make sure you have Tim Tams as they love them!

  3. I agree...make sure you give them an Australian experience (but Irish/Welsh customs and foods would be a bonus, too). Sometimes we get Tim Tams on the shelf here and they fly off the shelves. I hoard the dark ones, lol!

    As far as customs, I don't think you should have any trouble. Politeness is paramount. Do you know they don't even honk horns here? It's actually against the law except in case of emergency. SO nice! Anyway, lots of smiling and bowing and you should be just fine! I'm excited for you guys!