Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The surprise!

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary on Monday. It is a day I don't work and normally spend catching up on grocery shopping, laundry and housework. I suggested ages ago to Byron that he might try to take the day off too so we could have it together child-free while the kids were in school. It didn't ever really get referred to again so I assumed it wasn't happening.

I got up at 6.30, put the kettle on and began my normal school-day routine preparing breakfast. There were some cards to open from friends and family overseas. After we had fun exchanging cards ourselves it was time to get up and get ready for school. Byron left at the usual time in his work clothes and took Sian to her High School along the way to his office. I gathered up the breakfast dishes and called out to Gareth and Rhiannon to get dressed before turning on the tv. Same old, same old, a familiar and comforting predictability.

And then I heard a car pull into our driveway. Something didn't feel right. Most visitors pull up on the kerb and walk to the door. No-one normally pulls into Byron's space except.... The key rattled in the lock and in walked Byron! He was grinning as I flustered. "What the..? How the...?"  He told me that he had managed to pull the wool over my eyes, that he had the day off and was spending it at home with me. Rhiannon and Gareth grinned from the top of the stairs. It seems I was the only one not to know. 

We dropped them to school and Byron had to come in to the classroom and stay and help while I swapped over the Year 2 home reader books like I do every Monday. He caused chaos in the all female group of Mums who do this task together each week. I think he secretly enjoyed it! We went for a relaxing coffee afterwards with no kids interrupting or spilling water on the table. We walked up the main street to do a few errands and he surprised me by detouring into the jewellers to let me choose a new bead for my charm bracelet. Normally I pride myself on knowing Mr B inside out and often finish his sentences for him. I threaten him never to try keeping secrets from me because I'll know what's going on before he has even done it.

This week he got one over me.

And I liked it!

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  1. That was a sweet surprise! I can just about see the look on your face.

  2. What a wonderful story! Isn't it nice to be caught out once in a while... I laughed at the kids spilling water on the table, it must be universal as I'm always mopping up after them when we're out :)

  3. How fun.... What a great guy. He knows he has a treasure in you Gina!! You are right about your comment on my blog... those who do not blog can't understand the connection we have with each other!! Glad to be your "relative" ... you are mine as well! Happy Anniversary again Friend! I love your charms... you are quite charming!

  4. I get giddy when my husband and I get to spend time together without the kids!!
    Your bracelet is fabulous!!

  5. Mr B - you old romantic - well done you. glad you had a good day together. lots of love and happy anniversary.
    Brownie points galore - DING DONG xx

  6. that is terrifically sweet :) your charm bracelet is sweet too!

  7. What a GREAT day! Days alone while the kids are at school are the best! =^)

    Which charm is the new one? I LOVE the's gorgeous.

    Congrats again!

  8. The new charm is the oval pink bling between the cupcake and the "I love you" It is a Pandora bracelet which are very popular here. It's a lovely way for the kids to help choose a new bead at mothers day or birthday. Clever marketing ploy but as long as I'm on the receiving end I'm happy!

  9. What a fun surprise! It must have been fun for him to plan this, to be able to surprise you like that!

    I love your charm bracelet -- does every charm have a memory or meaning behind it? I have one from years ago with dangling charms rather than beads, but haven't worn it in ages.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day together...congrats! I love it when you think the one you know so well can still surprise you! Kim

  11. Oh, isn't he the sweetest??? What a doll! So happy you got to spend the day together and that you guys cherish each other so. What a blessing for your kids. Love the bracelet. xo,Gina

  12. Sounds like you had a fabulous day....I love surprises like that.

  13. Hi Gina .. I don't know what happened to my comment :-(

    What a wonderful surprise you had .. how romantic .. and what a beautiful bracelet .. with such a lot of fabulous memories. ♥♥