Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Gareth went on a brilliant school excursion a week ago. There were 4 spare seats on the coach for 4 parent helpers, two from each class. I signed my name on the permission slip and hoped I would get drawn out of the hat. Gareth was utterly convinced that I would be chosen.

His logic was simple:
Excursion is on a Friday + Mum doesn't work on Fridays = Mum will get chosen to go on the coach.
Childhood logic prevailed and I was lucky enough to have my name drawn out of the teachers hat. We packed our joint lunch-box and we were off!

The other Mum from Gareths class was my friend Karen. I got a better seat than her. She got to sit next to the boy with travel sickness... enough said!

The trip was an hour and it was to an old house called Tocal. It was built in 1841 on land taken from the Gringai clan of the Wonnarua Aboriginal tribe and given to recently arrived settlers from the UK. Convicts were sent to work on the farmland around the homestead and lived in small cottages in its grounds.

The children were divided into groups and shown around the inside of the old house and the grounds and were taught the history of the house and the time as they walked. It was photography heaven! I tried to be subtle and intentionally left the flash turned off as we had the guided tour around the inside of the house so I wouldn't distract the kids or our guide.

Out of doors I was less subtle and clicked away while the kids fetched water, washed clothes with washboards and soap and hung them on the line to dry.

Can you see anything in this picture that tells you my Gareth hasn't ever had to hang washing on the line before...?!

Oh if only he could do his modern house chores with as much enthusiasm!

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  1. Years ago when my youngest was in elementary school I had the opportunity to join the class on a field trip similar to yours. We visited two Civil War era homes in our area that I probably never would have taken the time to go see. It was fascinating to see these homes and hear about lives and hardships of both the civilians and the soldiers during that time. I thoroughly enjoyed it...except I had forgotten how bouncy a school bus ride could be! Glad you were the choosen one for Gareth's trip.

  2. What a great experience for the kids. I am sure Gareth figured it out once it didn't work the wrong way! Boy, if walls and yards could talk... what a story that place would tell!

  3. How fun...glad your name was drawn so you could share with all of us!

    I giggled out loud at the clothes pin! Kim

  4. What an incredible location! I'm sure this particular field trip was something that the children won't soon forget -- I love that they were able to get right in and participate in those activities!

    I love that picture of Gareth attempting to hang to laundry!

  5. *hang THE laundry. Whoops...