Saturday, June 19, 2010

Team photo day.

Today the Lake Macquarie Roos Junior Rugby team of 2010 were asked to arrive early for their match so that a team photo could be taken. Trying to get 13 kids to sit still and look at the camera was a mammoth task. The two worst wrigglers were our two. They poked each other and giggled and wriggled and jiggled as the shot was set up and were almost separated for the final take.

While trying to get the kids attention one of the fathers yelled out some questions like "Who is the fastest on the team?"  to get them to face forward and answer him. "Who has the dirtiest knees?" "Who scores the most tries?"  "Who is the ugliest?" The kids yelled out names for most questions until he asked "Who is the prettiest on the team?" expecting silence from the previously all boys team. One little voice chirped up "ME!" It was Rhiannon the only female player! She started the laughter that got the final shot of everyone facing the camera.

Although the actual team photo turned out really nicely I  must say I still like the out-takes!

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  1. I love this! Rhiannon just cracked me up! I love the out-takes -- they look like they were having a blast!

  2. I always love the silly pictures best! xo,Gina