Friday, January 21, 2011

Boy fun.

As a mum I find it easy to entertain girls. It seems to come naturally. Craft and painting nails: no problem! As for boys activities I have to think a little harder.

So when both girls were on a sleepover at a friends I found myself waking up to just Gareth. We had a couple of hours to pass before collecting the girls and I wanted to make it fun for him. I must admit I did consider letting him play his DS in front of the tv while I caught up on reading my favorite blogs. One happy boy and one happy mum! Gareth had other ideas.

We started with a game of indoor mini cricket...

Then went to the local bakery with Gar still in pyjamas and bed hair and bought apple danish pastries to eat by the lake...
And spent a while searching for hermit crabs...
All before 9am!

Now I think I've done my boyish stuff and I'm off to get my girls back and have a cappuccino... :-)

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  1. What fun for him... and you! What time did you wake up??

  2. 6.30.....Yawn!

  3. That danish looks wonderful! I bet he enjoyed his day with his mum. :)