Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hair salon

Because the girls are on their long summer holidays from school we can relax some of our normal rules. In school hair is expected to be "normal" in colour and style. For a bit of fun the girls had two small colored strands of hair attached to some of their real hair. They only last a few weeks and most likely will have fallen out before school returns. The stylist chose a spot to attach them so they can be hidden under the normal hair when it is tied back so if they have lasted that long they shouldn't cause a problem.

This is the girls waiting for the stylist to start...

And here is Sian...
And Rhiannon...
Can you see Gar in the background. He nearly died when I pretended he was next!!!

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  1. I remember when my girls wanted colored sections of their hair. When I didn't provide hair color, they got creative with their friends and used Koolaid. Grape or strawberry hair fortunately washes out after a couple of washings. :)

  2. hi Gina .. I think this is such a great idea ... so good for the start of the summer holidays .. and FUN to do.. Happy holidays for you all ♥