Sunday, January 30, 2011

NinjaBread Men.

Gareth has been begging me to buy him something recently. Not an obvious choice for an eight year old boy. We are not talking DS games or Rugby boots. We are talking cookie cutters. 
Now before you think he is not a very macho or cool boy let me show you what type of cookie cutters....

This weekend we relented and bought a set to the kids delight. We made a big batch of cookie dough up and made and iced our first set of these fighting cookies! 

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  1. Those are too the decorations! :)

  2. Oh my goodness...I LOVE cookie cutters...and my 16 yo is nicknamed "the ninja" by his friends. We may just have to see if we can find some of those in our neck of the woods.


  4. Ooo, so yummy and nicely iced. I made the mistake of pulling mine out of the oven with a house full of hungry mouths so they were eaten hot. Thanks for the tip in your comment on my blog re icing pen (sorry for taking so long in replying!!). I think I have one so I will definitely use it next time - and I will definitely bake when no one is home! Your son is so cool too btw! xxx