Friday, July 08, 2011

Cinderella and the mice.

Today we went to see our great friends in a play in the YPT (Young Peoples Theatre)

The play was a modern twist on the fairytale "Cinderella" Sophie and Gemma played Fairies in Waiting. We were so proud of them. They have been attending rehearsals for weeks and weeks and have had daily shows during the school holidays. Some day when they are famous Hollywood actresses we will be begging them for tickets to the Oscars!

Flash photography is forbidden during the show so I just sneaked out my mobile for a couple of subtle shots.
I know I am very naughty but I will need something to sell to the tabloids for my "I knew them before they were famous" story!
See how they are already inundated with requests for autographs from their young fans. The autographs also come with a rubbing of special fairy glitter from the face make-up directly onto the fans show programs! 


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  1. Playing in school shows is one of the best memories that I have. But I was never asked an autograph!

  2. So precious! I have such great memories of theater when I was in school... such a fun time for little ones!

  3. Aww that it is soooo cute. I love the fairy dust on the program.x